Newport 4

Newport 4

by Orthomerica

The totally modular and patented Newport 4 Hip Orthosis has been designed and engineered to provide the most comfortable hip orthosis for your patients with innovative new options to increase function and control.


  • Low-profile design to improve patient comfort and compliance

  • Padded posterior section for enhanced comfort and improved lordotic fit

  • No proximal/medial plastic on thigh component to interfere with hygiene

  • Thigh component design adjusts with clamping disc to accommodate varying shapes and to prevent knee flexion impingement

  • Preset, quick release closures ensure same fit each time

  • Patented clamping technology on pelvic band adjusts to male or female anatomy and a wide range of circumferences

  • Universal pelvic design fits right and left to reduce inventory

  • Also available with universal style thigh cuff

  • Post-op hip revision patients

  • Primary arthroplasty patients at risk to dislocate, (e.g., patients with congenital hip dysplasia or spastic/tight adductors)

  • As a prophylaxis to reinforce hip precautions

  • Inoperable hip patients at risk

Product Details:

Body Part
Hip Post op

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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