Pedorthics is the external treatment of the foot and ankle. When your feet hurt, life is hard.

Custom molded foot orthoses (also called inserts and arch supports) use support to position the foot in its biomechanically correct position. This is based upon an individual's unique joint position, arch height, type of shoe, and activities. Prefabricated foot orthoses assume one person has the same foot as someone else.

Northern Orthotics and Prosthetics custom fabricates foot orthoses, one pair at a time. Each is based upon a biomechanical analysis  and made from an individual's impression. They are then fit to you and your shoes. We encourage feedback so that the fit can be refined. This is all done so you can run marathons or work through a day without pain, whatever your mobility goal.

Diabetic orthoses and footwear is "accommodative". These distribute pressure evenly across the bottom of the foot, preventing build up of callouses or ulcers on the fragile diabetic foot. Those with diabetes cannot risk ulcers because of decreased sensation and circulation associated with diabetes.

The shoe must protect the foot. Shoes should be professionally fit to insure enough toe room and relief of unique characteristics of the foot. Diabetic shoes CAN be stylish or sporty. If it is the right treatment, we even make a custom molded shoe for a patient's health and continued mobility.

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