February 2022 Amputee Social Group

Join us on February 8th at 6:00PM to hear from Mike, a representative of Abbot Neuromodulation. This company specializes in products to treat chronic pain, including phantom pain.

Join in person at the SAIL office in Marquette at 1200 Wright Street.

Join online via ZOOM:

Follow this link to join: 


Meeting ID: 882 3501 7625

Passcode: amputee


"At Abbott, we understand how the search for effective pain relief can impact peoples’ lives. But we believe that pain management is possible, no matter how long that pain has affected your life. And we’re committed to providing resources and therapy for people managing pain with many causes, in many parts of their body. That’s why we strive to offer a full range of pain management technologies designed to help you achieve the control and find the relief you need."

Abbot Neuromodulation has created an implantable device that stimulates the nerves where they exit your spine. Specifically, the device interrupts the pain signals before they can reach your brain. Abbot reports more than 8 out of 10 people experience significant pain relief at 12 months of use. 

A Neurostimulating Device may not be the answer for everyone's chronic pain, but it may be an option for those who have tried and failed other solutions. 

Follow this link to learn more: Chronic Pain | Abbott Neuromodulation

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